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Users' questions about Blu-ray to DVD recorder : I have some Blu-ray discs and I want to transfer Blu-ray movie to DVD playable on my standard DVD player. Anyone can tell me the solution to do this? I also need to copy Blu-ray to DVD and convert Blu-ray DVD to iPod format. Thanks in advance. Jimmy

Users' questions about how to convert Blu-ray to AVCHD DVD: I have a sony HDR camcorder which record Bluray m2ts video files for me. Now I would like to convert Blu-ray movies to AVCHD DVD format playable on my PS3. Please lead me to the right direction. Tom

Answer: Just check this Bluray to DVD conversion tutorial to complete this job. These solutions can not only convert Blu-ray to standard DVD (1 disk), but also transfer Blu-ray movies to AVCHD DVD.

* Blu-ray Ripping Guides List *
* Rip Blu-ray to PC
* Blu-ray to iPad
* Blu-ray to AVI
* Blu-ray to WMV
* Blu-ray to MPEG
* Blu-ray to DivX
* Convert Blu-ray to iPod
* Transfer Blu-ray to PSP
* Copy Blu Ray to PS3
* Convert Blu-ray to iPhone
* Rip Blu-ray to Apple TV
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Convert Blu-ray to DVD, Blu-ray to AVCHD DVD

This guide shows the solutions that convert Blu-ray format to DVD or transfer Blu-ray movies to AVCHD DVD so that you can enjoy it on the standard DVD player, PC, Blu-ray DVD player, Play Station 3, etc.

Our target:

* Transfer blu-ray movie to 1 DVD or multiple DVDs.
* Convert blu-ray to AVCHD DVD.
* Copy Blu-ray to standard DVD.
* Burn DVD disc or AVCHD DVD.
* Remove content protection AACS and BD+ legally.
Please note: AVCHD DVD disc can play on the devices compatible with Blu-ray movies including PS3, computers and some Blu-ray players. If you have only stand-alone DVD player, please copy Blu-ray to standard DVD format.
Can not meet your needs? Just check more detailed tutorials from the left "guides list".

Way1: Blu-ray to AVCHD DVD, Blu-ray to DVD (Mac, Windows)

Blu-ray Ripper ( Windows version Mac version) is a Blu-ray conversionsoftware which can rip Blu-ray movies to DVD video and various media formats like AVI, VOB, MPEG, MP4, MOV, iPad video, MP3, AAC with ease. It can also split and convert a Blu-ray movie to multiple DVDs.Blu-ray to dvd
* Fast burning speed and no quality loss.
* Supports burning MKV, HD H264, Mpeg2, VC1, AC3 and DTS.
* Supports both DVD9 and DVD5.
* Customize the font, color, characters, background picture of the menu
* Add menu to the target DVD.
Hint: Regular AVCHD doesn’t support menu navigation. If a menu is added, the disc can only be played back in your computers and some Blu-ray players, not in PS3.
* Batch copying and converting mode.
* All codecs and encoders are included.

Way2: Convert Blu-ray to DVD and burn DVDs (Windows)

Convert from: Blu-ray video, HD movie, M2ts, Mts, M2t, Mod, Tod, AVCHD, AVI HD, MPEG-2 HD, WMV HD, MKV, etc.
All-in-One: Blu-ray to DVD ripper + Blu-ray to DVD converter + Blu-ray editor + Blu-ray disc burning + DVD burning.
1. Download AVS Video Converter or Video Editor, install and run it.
Hint: Our powerful Video Conversion, Video Editing software and AVS Disc Creator can help you burn Bluray discs, make DVD copies, create DVD discs for family DVD and Blu-Ray players.
2. Load the Blu-ray movie M2ts files to this Blu-ray to DVD burning software.
copy bluray movie to dvd
3. Click on the 'To DVD' button, then select the profile you need.

4. Hit the 'Convert Now!' button. The Blu-ray DVD converter will make VOB, IFO, DVD folders (Video_TS, Audio_TS) for you, and then create DVDs.

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